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Floating Melodies of Bengal


International Collaborations

A member of the Folk Nations team (by The British Council - four members from UK & two members from India). - With Corn & Potato Strings band from USA - Collaboration with Danish duo- Kasper Soeborg Ohlsen & Lars Bo Kujahn.


Media Coverage Highlights

Radio:BBC,Different Radio Channels in India, France & Scotland. TV Channels:MTV, FOX Traveller, SONY Pix, N TV(Europe), S TV(London), Desh TV(Bangladesh), TV South East Asia, E TV India, Tara Muzik India, 24Ghanta India, Rupashi Bangla, Focus Bangla, News 18 Bangla, Akash Aat, Zee Bangla – India etc. PRINT MEDIA:India Today, Ouest France, Sound Box Magazine, FilmFare, Deccan Herald, Times of India, Hindustan Times, Anandabazar Patrika, Unish Kuri, 365 Din, Long Journey, The Asian Age, Rolling Stone, International Herald Tribune, Forbes India etc.


Indian Prestigious Projects

MUSIC PROJECT:Sound Trek @Fox Traveller,Coke Studio @MTV, Folk Nations @British Council, Bollywood Republic @Bindass Play. Filmography:Moner Manush(2010)- Directed by Goutam Ghose, (Actor, Playback singer), Children of War- 2014, Directed by Mrityunjay Devrat – Playback singer, Recent Bollywood film- TheShaukeens – 2014 - played back etc. Tides Of Life (Documentary Film) 2018.

Saurav Moni Production

❖ Traditional:Only with Traditional instruments from Bengal(adopting the name Majhi-Mallah)–like – Ektara, Dotara, Sarinda, Flute, Bangla Dhol, Khamak,etc. Most of the musicians are from the countryside. Majhi Mallah has been able to produce real indigenous tunes of rural Bengal. ❖ Experimental / Fusion – Name of the fusion band is Boatman; a fine blend of traditional style and contemporary world music elements/inputs with acoustic, jazz, rock musical accompaniment. Mostly collaboration with foreign folk bands and trans-cultural groups.

  • About Saurav Moni

    Singer of traditional folk songs of Bengal, Saurav Moni hails from a village in the rural hinterland of Sunderbans in West Bengal, on Bangladesh border. He travels among the boatmen, peasants and wandering minstrels of the two Bengals (West Bengal and Bangladesh) - picking up songs. He retains the purity of timbre, tune and diction even when he performs for audiences widely varying in taste and location. He straddles the genres of Sari, Jari, Murshidi, Marfati, Dhuaa, Bhawaiya and Baul, though Bhatiali is his primary genre of work. His expertise lies in telling the tales of the meandering river as it goes from upstream to downstream. Moreover it also involves the endless journey of a man on a boat which serves as a typical metaphor of his life. His narrative, thus connected by rivers, takes a shape and intensity that never appears repetitive because of his ability to constantly innovate and change.Even as he takes his music to the cities of Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi and beyond, performs in front of large, unacquainted audiences of Europe, tries to bridge the gap with a generation in the sub-continent that is only communicable through the MTV- network (he was one of the performers on the first show of MTV- Coke Studio), his voice never wavers from a deeply melodious, soulful tonality.

  • Story & History

    His formal education (an M.A. in History from Jadavpur University, Kolkata) has enriched him greatly in his pursuit. Other than being a singer-interpreter & researcher he is also a well-known vocal archivist that has in its own turn added enormous value to his mode of region-specific genre of singing. He conserves and performs the traditional songs which are mostly unrecorded and almost on the verge of extinction.

  • Mission & Vision

    Saurav's lifelong mission has been to disseminate and preserve the roots of traditional folk and dying verses which if not archived will be sunk in the dunes of oblivion. His musical journey is of a cultural explorer and his relentless efforts to popularize the moribund folk tradition of Bhatiali moored in the delta of Sunderbans deems the interest of a historical connoisseur and the excavator of timeless melodies and story of the riverine civilization since time immemorial.

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Prog Update: Sounds On White Sand music festival - on 24th January 2020 - @ Rann Utsav, Kutch, Gujarat.More info: For tickets:

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DISCOGRAPHY:Sony Music – Best of Coke Studio@MTV -2011; Nouka Kholo -2010 -(an archive album of rare folk songs; Mon Tchora -2012 (an album for French listeners – covering live concerts in France); Bengal Connections -2014 (a collection of rare folk songs for Scottish & English audience – covering live concerts in U.K.

Our Projects

We aim to develop, produce and distribute engaging song with a social significance.

Rare Song of Lalon

Lalon Geeti

Traditional Bengali Folk- Bhanga Tori